Monitoring, Security & Surveillance

Silent, non-intrusive, persistent &legal

The use of lift gas and the employment of redundantsafety features, allow for use at large public gatherings by law enforcementand security companies without restrictions.

Unlike drones and other UAS/UAVs in the market, ourplatform does not fall under the jurisdiction of FAA Part 107 regulations, andtherefore is allowed to fly over concentrations of people without pilotcertifications/licenses and still be FAA compliant.

In addition, our platform allows for long hours ofuninterrupted aerial coverage and offers features such as mobility (unlikefixes cameras), thermal imaging (infrared), light encrypted audio/video, radiocontroller and tether reel, low light and night surveillance and daysurveillance with extended zoom. For nightly situations you can combine withour HiLite overhead floodlight balloon.