Fly anytime, anywhere, with no restrictions.

When we say we are “safe”, “legal” and “persistent” we mean that – unlike other Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAVs or UAS) in the market – our platform allows you to fly anytime, anywhere and for as long as you want with no restrictions.

hi-teckOur Smart Balloon was designed and developed to comply with current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations ( allowing balloon flyers to deploy the platform on demand without previous FAA clearance or authorization, even if collecting aerial photos, videos or other imaging data for commercial purposes. In addition, operation of the Smart Balloon does not require a pilot’s certification/license or the presence of an assistant during flight.

One of the reasons we are exempt from FAA regulations is because our platform is considered safer to fly on public places and over people, with respect to drones and other UAS/UAVs in the market. Our exclusive and patented system has both an inner and an outer balloon that float independently, and both balloons are equipped with independent release valves that allow the flyer to retrieve the platform gently and safely from the grown in case of an unlikely malfunction.

Unlike drones and other UAVs in the market, the flyer has always full control of the tethered balloon and the platform is unlikely to suddenly free-fall. This not only guarantees the safety and integrity of people and property, but also protects your investment from the damaging consequences of a high altitude free-fall or a dive into water.

When we say we are persistent, is because our platform is designed to stay aloft for long hours of consecutive and uninterrupted aerial photography and videography (again, unlike drones or other UAVs in the market). The Smart Balloon is the most suitable choice to obtain aerial photos and videos, and to monitor and survey prolonged events with significant concentration of people not directly involved in the operation of the UAS (such as concerts, sports events, competitions, wedding and social gatherings, fairs, festivals, etc.); which is not allowed for drones and other UAVs in the market, according to current FAA Regulations. (
  • Live Events & Social Gatherings

    The most suitable choice when persistence and safety are the top priorities and drones are not allowed by current FAA regulations.
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  • Sports Videography & Photography

    Don’t miss a minute of the action, follow and zoom on specific points of interest, comply with FAA regulations and keep spectators and athletes safe.
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  • Aerial Photography & Videography

    Fly anywhere, anytime, whether for work or pleasure. Deploy in seconds, stay aloft for hours, capture high quality images using three simultaneous HD cameras with different focal lengths.
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  • News Footage

    When immediate deployment, persistence and exemption to fly on demand is key to capture real time events.
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  • Aerial Surveying & Engineering Inspection

    From aerial mapping to planning, and from construction to inspection, nearly every stage of the engineering process benefits from the use of aerial imaging.
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  • Search and Rescue & Disaster Relief

    When immediacy is essential, endurance is crucial and the ability to switch perspectives is imperative, you’ll find no other comparable platform.
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  • Security & Surveillance

    Unlike fixed cameras, our silent, unobtrusive and unintimidating system may be deployed, aimed and zoomed on public gatherings for maximum coverage and control.
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  • Environmental Compliance & Precision Agriculture

    Use this innovative approach to collect high resolution data of particular use to agricultural and environmental assessment, monitoring and enforcement.
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  • Twin Chamber System

    The inner balloon provides neutral buoyancy while the outer balloon provides both, positive lift and protection to the inner balloon. Both Chambers are controlled independently.
  • Three-Axis Gimbal

    Designed to perform flawlessly under high wind conditions providing surprising stability and intuitive ease of use.
  • Flight Deck

    Contains the batery and power control.

Professional results require,  Professional Resources

  • Lithium Polymer Battery

    With these batteries, the flyer can choose between 3 differents capacities: 3Ah, 6Ah and 9Ah for short or extended flying times of up to 20 hours.
  • Flexibility

    The flyer can operate multiple types of gimbal/camera systems with only one flight deck.
  • Spectra Tether Line

    The tethering line coupled with connection skeg assures the flyer the permanent control of the system.

How We Work

Complementary Aerial Technology

The world’s first Smart Balloon was designed to fill in the gaps left by drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles, opening a whole new world of possibilities for professionals needing to expand and dominate new aerial markets that were not attainable before, whether because of platform limitations, current regulations or market characteristics.
The Smart Balloon, and its various combinations of mission oriented cameras and gimbals, add new value and relevant advantages to the already thriving world of aerial photography, videography and data collection.
Use it alone or in combination with other UAS/UAVs to expand your horizons and reach new heights!

Why Choose Us

Protected by three (3) U.S. Patents, the World’s First Smart Balloon was invented by an American, developed in America and fully manufactured in the United States.
Invented by the CEO of a world leading company dedicated to oblique geo-referenced aerial imagery and holder of other seminal patents in computing, imaging and geographic information; one of which received the Ford Foundation Public Technology Innovation Award presented by the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.
Developed under the leadership and supervision of a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, with post-doctoral work in mechanical and aerospace engineering and a faculty member for a Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Program at University level.
Retrofitted by staff with extensive emergency response experience while collaborating with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Peace Corps; staff with PhD and Master degrees dedicated to scientific research specialized in marine remote sensors, aero-space digital images processing and marine instrumentation and staff with experience in the engineering support field, with education in computer engineering and information technology.
Due to specific design and safety features, the World’s First Smart Balloon is exempt from FAA Part 107 UAS Regulations and can be used to fly on demand anytime – even over people – without a pilot license/certification, rigorous training and or previous clearance or authorization.
Thanks to our exclusive Twin Chamber System, the platform provides an extra safety feature that reduces the likeliness of a sudden free-fall to almost non-existent. The dual chamber controls the release of gas from the inner and outer balloons independently, allowing for a smooth and safe retrieval to the ground in case of an unlikely equipment malfunction or release from the tether while in flight.
This guarantees the safety and integrity of all people and property exposed to contact with the UAV during operation, and safeguards your investment from the devastating effects of a free-fall from a high altitude or a dive into water. Our system reduces your risks of liability and asset loss.
Our platform was officially evaluated by the FAA and declared acceptable for operation under Part 101 regulations. This means our platform does not fall under the category nor under the jurisdiction of the conditions set forth on UAS Rules Part 107 and needs only to adhere to the general safety rules under Part 101.7.
Our platform has no restrictions to fly on demand without previous clearance or authorization, is acceptable to fly over people, does not require a special license or certification and the flyer does not need to be evaluated, certified or vetted by the Transportation Security Administration.