Search and Rescue & Disaster Relief

Immediacy, endurance, multitasking

Because aerial photography and videography provides a unique vantage point for search and rescue missions, UAS/UAVs are used in many operations to save lives and keep people safe. Police Officers, Fire Departments, Forest Rangers, Coast Guard, Lifeguards and First Response Units from all around the world benefit from the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (such as drones, remote control aircrafts, etc.) for emergency situations,life-threatening operations and search and rescue/recovery missions.

Our Smart Balloon platform deploys in seconds and guarantees persistence and endurance for long hours of uninterrupted aerial photo, video and data capture and real time broadcasting when time is of the essence or a matter of life and death.

Up to three different data capture devices (sensors,wide angle cameras, close shot cameras, thermal/infrared imaging cameras, etc.) can be attached on one same gimbal to provide multiple zoom levels and points of view. Combine with our HiLite overhead floodlight balloon and guarantee maximum and clear aerial coverage and scrutiny of the searched areas.