Aerial Pics Consortium Inc. Shipping Information and Policy


All Altametry Smart Balloon Systems offered by Aerial Pics Consortium Inc. through are considered “custom ordered” and therefore subject to the following procedures.

Every system build begins by gathering the parts. Often all system parts are kept in stock, if not, parts are ordered and build time may be extended to accommodate. This is typically the longest part of a system’s build time.
Once all parts are gathered, an experienced technician will build the custom Smart Balloon System from the ground up, visually inspecting each part and calibrating the system for quality, capacity and performance.
Once a Smart Balloon System is built, it undergoes a control test to ensure that it meets Altametry’s and Aerial Pics Consortium Inc.’s high quality standards.
The Altametry Smart Balloon System is then carefully packed, boxed and shipped via the selected carrier to the shipping address provided by the customer during the check-out process or established as the main shipping address in the customer’s Permanent Customer Account. 
Each shipment is fully insured. Once the package is shipped, a shipping confirmation email is sent to the email address provided by the customer during check-out time or established as the customer’s main email address on the customer’s Permanent Customer Account. The shipping confirmation email includes all required tracking information (such as name of carrier, tracking number, etc.).
All Altametry Smart Balloon Systems shipped from Aerial Pics Consortium Inc. through require signature confirmation to ensure the safe delivery of the investment, so customers should plan accordingly.
Customer must ensure to retain their order numbers as this is required for any warranty service. We also recommend customers save the original packaging in case of a return or exchange. 


  1. While Aerial Pics Consortium Inc. strives to maintain its thirty (30) day average time-to-ship, we make no guarantees and will accept no liability nor honor any claim towards ruminative action stemming from a longer than average time-to-ship. (Time-to-ship refers to the time period between the order placement and the handing of the product over to the carrier for transport.)

  2. Aerial Pics Consortium Inc. will ship to any physical address in the United States. Aerial Pics Consortium Inc. will not ship to P.O. Boxes and will not ship outside of the United States at this time. Each package requires signature confirmation therefore timely delivery requires that the customer make themselves available for its reception.

  3. Every system shipped from Aerial Pics Consortium Inc. is ensured up to the full purchase price. It is Aerial Pics Consortium Inc. responsibility to pursue any claim with the carrier. Please note that this is only applicable to the original shipment from Aerial Pics Consortium Inc. to the customer and not for subsequent shipments for returns or repair.

  4. Aerial Pics Consortium Inc. reserves the right to select a preferred carrier or carriers. All shipping will be completed through the preferred carriers unless otherwise specified. Aerial Pics Consortium Inc. shipping prices may vary with those of their preferred carrier(s). Aerial Pics Consortium Inc. guarantees that the shipping cost will be accurately displayed for each purchase at the time of purchase from or informed via phone, email or any other means of communication between the Customer and Aerial Pics Consortium Inc.

  5. All build and ship times are counted in business days only and correspond with those of our preferred carrier(s). Aerial Pics Consortium Inc. honors all holidays honored by our preferred carrier(s) and follows a Monday through Friday work week.